Princess Castle


dramatic short film about why, sometimes, children need a break from their parents....

Sonia found a place to hide. It may not be much but it's enough for her. She has everything she needs and the rest she can do without. This is her castle, her new home, so what if it's only a bathroom.

Producer/Director: Boris Ivanov

Color, 35mm, 8 min

other films produced by Interfilm: From Russia, for Love, Seven Storeys, Moscow Freestyle


CANADA: Calgary International Film Festival - September 2005

EGYPT: Cairo International Film Festival for Children - March 2005

USA: Tiburon International Film Festival - March 2005

ITALY: Corto Imola International Short Film Festival - December 2004

FRANCE: Global Kids International Film Festival - November 2004

USA: Marco Island Film Festival, Florida - November 2004

ARGENTINA: International Film Festival for Children and Youth, Buenos Aires - November 2004
OFFICIAL FILM JURY - Special Mention - Short Fiction for Youth

IRAN: 19th Isfahan Festival of Film and Video for Children and Young Adults - October 2004

AUSTRALIA: Auburn Film and Video Festival for Children and Young Adults - September 2004

CANADA: LEO AWARDS NOMINATION - Genevieve Buechner - Best Female Performance in Short Drama- 2004

USA: Kansas City Filmmakers Jubilee - April 2004

CANADA: Viewfinders: Film Festival For Youth, Halifax - April 2004

USA: Sedona International Film Festival, Arizona - March 2004

CANADA: Reel 2 Real Film Festival For Youth, Vancouver - March 2004

USA: East Lansing Children's Film Festival, Michigan - February 2004

Canadian premiere: Genie Qualifying Theatrical Run

Princess Castle opens for Falling Angels - February 2004

USA: Los Angeles International Short Film Festival

Program: Growing Up Is Hard - September 2003

USA premiere: Rhode Island International Film Festival

KidsEye Film Festival Competition - August 2003